GFDP Training Series
This highly interactive series focuses on developing faculty's people manager skills, managing the mentoring/supervisory role conflict, inclusivity and change management.
The Graduate Faculty Development Program's goal is to provide the training and support faculty need to succeed in their roles as inclusive mentors, supervisors and advisors.

Why Focus on Mentorship?

In 2017, the Associated Students of the Graduate Division (ASGD) developed a survey of UCSF graduate students that identified major gaps in mentorship skills and expectations. That same year, Nature reported that mentorship was the top determinant in the satisfaction of science graduate students worldwide, especially when it came to guidance and recognition from an advisor. In alignment with the growing data for the importance of mentorship, the NIH released new requirements that emphasize training for faculty in mentorship. 

This website is a hub for resources, opportunities, and information to help faculty who support and train graduate students in the basic science PhD programs.

What Do We Do?

In response to increasing interest from both faculty and staff, the Graduate Division, the graduate programs, and staff in Student Academic Affairs are collaborating to develop and deliver programs and resources. We seek to:

  • Provide meaningful and practical guidance to faculty in their roles as mentors, supervisors and advisors to their PhD students;
  • Improve faculty proficiency in working with trainees from diverse backgrounds;
  • Understand the efficacy and impact of these programs and resources so that they can be disseminated and expanded;
  • Help our graduate programs to meet the requirements of the new funding opportunity announcement (FOA) issued by the National Institute for General Medical Sciences.