head shot of Isaac Strong


Isaac JT Strong, PhD

Director  |  Graduate Faculty Development

[email protected]   |   (415) 502-1803

As a graduate of UCSF's Tetrad graduate program, Isaac is dedicated to ensuring UCSF remains a leader in graduate education.  Isaac is responsible for the development of new resources and workshops, targeted to faculty, to improve the training, education, and supervision of basic science PhD students.  Building on the previous work of dedicated faculty working groups, these workshops will continue to be developed in consultation with the faculty as well as staff from the Graduate Division and Student Academic Affairs.  Isaac also draws on recent national efforts that are generating evidence-based, publicly-accessible resources exploring the role of mentorship in scientific training and the role of diversity in innovation and excellence in biomedical fields.

Before his return to UCSF, Isaac was a high school educator in San Francisco as well as the chief program officer at local non-profit mentoring organization.  Isaac earned a PhD in Cellular Biology from UCSF, where he was a NSF Graduate Research Fellow.  He earned a BS in Biology from Gonzaga University, during which time he participated in HHMI's Exceptional Research Opportunities Program (EXROP).

Graduate Division and Student Academic Affairs Staff

Elizabeth Silva, PhD

Associate Dean, Graduate Programs

Bill Lindstaedt, MS

Assistant Vice Chancellor, Career Advancement, International and Postdoctoral Services

D'Anne Duncan, PhD

Assistant Dean, Diversity and Learner Success

Workshop Facilitators

picture of Carlos Hoyt


Carlos Hoyt, PhD, LICSW

Director, Equity & Inclusion at Belmont Day School

Dr. Hoyt was born in Costa Rica and immigrated to the United States at the age of four.  He holds a PhD in Social Work and is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker.  He has held teaching positions at Simmons College, Lesley University, and Boston University.  Dr. Hoyt’s approach to education, training, and development on matters related to social identity, social bias, and social justice combines preparing participants to interact fully, empathically, courageously, and candidly; grounding all content in up to date knowledge and best practices; facilitating experiential opportunities for participants to be active synthesizers and collaborators; and an emphasis on translating cognitive gains into effective personal action.  Drawing from his expertise, Dr. Hoyt has assisted in creating opportunities for us to have open, empathic, and constructive conversations between trainees and faculty about equity and inclusion.  Dr. Hoyt maintains a private practice in psychotherapy, has presented at numerous conferences, and has provided training and consultation to educational systems and to corporations including Trip Advisor and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


Laurence Clement, PhD

Director, Research in Career Education

Program Director, Academic Career Development

Dr. Clement directs the Academic Career Development Program at the Office of Career and Professional Development, and is the Director of Research in Career Education. Her role as Program Director involves developing and teaching courses and workshops to prepare research trainees for academic careers at both research- and teaching-intensive institutions. She also offers individual advising sessions to students and fellows.

As the Director of Research in Career Education at OCPD, Dr. Clement is also focused on broadening access to biomedical careers in academia. Shr is a PI on a collaborative National Science Foundation ATE grant to explore the barriers faced by UCSF graduate student and postdoctoral scholar mentors and their community college interns in working together at UCSF, and assess the effectiveness of an intervention developed in collaboration with Naledi Saul and City College of San Francisco. From 2015 to 2017, she was the Principal Investigator on a Burroughs Wellcome award which focused on refining, evaluating and disseminating a career readiness tool for research trainees (the Academic Career Readiness Assessment or ACRA), which is now used by institutions around the country.

picture of Jeanne Stanford


Jeanne Stanford, PhD

Director, UCSF Mental Health Services and Psychologist

Dr. Stanford brings a wealth of experience to UCSF, after serving the campus communities at UCLA and UCSB, including 12 years as Director of Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at UCSB.  Her work includes participation in initiatives across the UC system to understand the mental health needs of campus learners, promoting progressive and responsive services at our campus counseling centers with the goal of making our counseling centers a source of health and academic support where all, not only are welcome, but feel welcome.  Her work includes initiatives to identify and eliminate barriers which inhibit help-seeking behavior of underrepresented groups from utilizing counseling services.  She is an advocate for cultural competency, inclusion and social justice in academia as well as in mental health and wellbeing.


John Tighe, LCSW

Psychotherapist and Outreach Manager

Mr. Tighe began working at Student Health & Counseling Services in 2014. Previously, he worked for 14 years as a psychotherapist and coordinator of groups and workshops programs at the UCSF Alliance Health Project. He has worked as an inpatient psychiatric social worker at San Francisco General Hospital. He is also an instructor in the Health Education Department at City College of San Francisco.

picture of Sharon Milgram


Sharon Milgram, PhD

Director, NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education (OITE)

Dr. Milgram directs the NIH Office of Intramural Training and Education, which provides career and professional development opportunities for trainees in the NIH Intramural Research Program. Dr. Milgram has partnered with UCSF for several years, sharing her insights and experiences as a supervisor, advisor, and mentor to various trainees in the context of how UCSF faculty can sharpen their own mentoring skills. Dr. Milgram's collaboration with UCSF has been incredibly important to the creation of UCSF's Graduate Faculty Development Program.

Graduate Faculty and Staff

Acknowledgement of Commitment 

We have many faculty and staff to thank, across numerous graduate programs and career stages, for their ongoing commitment and input to the Graduate Faculty Development Program.

(* denotes faculty leaders who have been instrumental in the initiation and direction of our efforts.)

  • Bassem Al-Sady, PhD*
  • Mark Ansel, PhD*
  • Sarah Knox, PhD
  • Diane Barber, PhD
  • Joe Bondy-Denomy, PhD
  • Carol Gross, PhD
  • Seemay Chou, PhD
  • Noelle L'Etoile, PhD
  • Licia Selleri, PhD, MD
  • Anna Molofsky, MD, PhD
  • Todd Nystul, PhD
  • Geeta Narlikar, PhD
  • Anatol Kreitzer, PhD
  • Stephen Floor, PhD
  • Rushika Perera, PhD
  • Matt Spitzer, PhD
  • Anita Sil, MD, PhD
  • Kaveh Ashrafi, PhD
  • Michael McManus, PhD
  • Sophie Dumont, PhD
  • Demian Sainz